My Latest Ad

You might have heard about the town hall I held in Chesterfield last year. To say it got ugly is to put it mildly. But don’t take my word for it. See how the press reported about the town hall:

From the Washington Post: “Trouble began even before Pastor Stan Grant of Clover Hill Assembly of God finished his invocation. As he prayed to God that the discussion would go forth ‘in a way that will honor you,’ a handful of Brat‘s critics stood holding small signs aloft.”

From CNN: “The situation grew so tense at points that obscenities were shouted both at Brat and at other members of the crowd. One man jutted out his middle finger at some Brat supporters when they tried urging others to be quiet. A few people held up red signs of disapproval when the opening prayer was being delivered at the beginning.”

To top it off, my opponent, the Democrat Abigail Spanberger was sitting in the front row– joining in with the uncivil crowd.

Check out our new ad below to see how she’s shaking her head “no” when asked about the personal tax cuts, and even worse, how she doesn’t agree that we should have civil discourse in our political forums.