"Do the Math:" Interview with Neil Cavuto
Interview with MSNBC on Healthcare Plan
Interview with Neil Cavuto on Healthcare Plan
CNN Interview with Brianna Keilar
Dave Brat Greets People in Line at Townhall
"Run Through the Tape" at the finish line
Gov. Mike Pence talks with volunteers
Gov. Mike Pence Delivers Pizza at Brat HQ
TV Ad: "Keeping Promises"
Dave Brat on Steve Malzberg Show
Dave Brat Talks with Ray Tranchant, father of Tessa who was killed by an illegal alien
Dave Brat on CNBC Squawk Box
Dave Brat's remarks at 2016 7th District Convention
Conservative Review Convention

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Out and About in VA7


Dave Brat
Dave Brat with seniors
Dave Brat and Laura Ingraham at RPV Advance 2015
Dave Brat
Dave Brat