Brat says “Let’s keep our promises.”

“From immigration to health care to spending, we have a slew of broken promises. It’s time for leaders in Washington who stand for principles, not for what’s politically expedient.

When I campaigned in 2014, I promised my constituents I would follow the Virginia Republican creed and vote according to those values when I got to Washington. I was sick of watching politicians flip-flop on issues that will affect our country’s future.

My constituents voted for me because I told them I would fight to limit the size of government and allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money. That’s why I voted “no” on the bloated omnibus spending bill that grew government spending exponentially.

That’s why I voted “yes” for the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, knowing that I was saving my constituents money and generating economic growth for the next generation to find good jobs.”

Read my entire op-ed here:  http://www.richmond.com/opinion/their-opinion/guest-columnists/rep-dave-brat-let-s-keep-our-promises/article_ea4b3c72-7a22-5c1d-ba04-645c588264e7.html