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Rep. Dave Brat introducing new legislation on immigration

On The Ingraham Angle, Dave Brat talked about his immigration bill ending chain migration and the visa lottery, and enacting mandatory E-Verify. Immigration is the central issue that …Read More

Brat: Fix Immigration Before any DACA Deal

President Trump has asked Congress to come up with a legislative solution on DACA and we need to make sure that the American people have a seat …Read More

Rep. Dave Brat talks immigration in light of New York terror attack

Dave Brat joined Shannon Bream on Fox News to discuss how we can keep our homeland secure in the wake of the horrific terror attack in Manhattan. …Read More

Security Before Amnesty, Conservative House Members Urge

Conservative House members are concerned the Senate GOP’s plans to replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy will cater toward Democrat desires and ignore the root …Read More

Brat: Congress must stop punting on use of military force

On “Your World” Neil Cavuto and Rep. Dave Brat discussed the need for Congress to insist on its proper role when it comes to authorizing military force. Congress is the …Read More

Op-Ed: Big spending feeds the DC Swamp

Big spenders in Washington have run up more than $20 trillion on our nation’s credit card with no plan to pay it back. The debt limit is …Read More

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Dave has been leading the charge in Congress for a more fiscally responsible budget process.  You can trust that Dave Brat will fight to keep our nation secure, restore fiscal responsibility, and protect our God-given freedoms that make our country great.  He is fighting for change that will make your life better and create a better future for our children.

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Breakfast with Brat and Special Guest Trey Gowdy

VIP Roundtable

In this clip from the VIP Roundtable discussion at the Third Annual Breakfast with Brat, Reps. Dave Brat and Trey Gowdy take a couple of questions from attendees.

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