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Dave Brat Op-ed: The key to getting things accomplished in Congress: bipartisan bills and bipartisan friendships

Our politics in America are more divided than ever. Frustration levels are high and the dialogue we see on social media and other mediums has too often …Read More

WWII Veteran Awarded Long Lost Medals at age 99

Richard Bell, Jr. was one of a group of primarily African-American servicemen who drove supplies to the front lines in France after the invasion of Normandy. While …Read More

After Charlottesville

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ Comments by Dave Brat on the Charlottesville tragedy underscore the importance of understanding who the Nazis …Read More

Dave Brat Oped: Tax Reform is Key to Renewing the American Spirit

Dave Brat is leading the charge for pro-business tax cuts that will help you and your family by increasing your wages and helping to find your kids …Read More

Letter to the Editor: Brat is Right to End Dog Testing

Thanks to Tyler Spires for a great letter to the editor in support of the PUPPERS Act, my bipartisan bill to halt cruel testing being performed on …Read More

The Battle for Foundational Principles

We are in a battle for the values that made our country great. Check out my interview on Lou Dobbs’ show yesterday where I talk about the …Read More

About Dave

Dave has been leading the charge in Congress for a more fiscally responsible budget process.  You can trust that Dave Brat will fight to keep our nation secure, restore fiscal responsibility, and protect our God-given freedoms that make our country great.  He is fighting for change that will make your life better and create a better future for our children.

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Breakfast with Brat and Special Guest Trey Gowdy

VIP Roundtable

In this clip from the VIP Roundtable discussion at the Third Annual Breakfast with Brat, Reps. Dave Brat and Trey Gowdy take a couple of questions from attendees.

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