Reforming Washington

We need Dave Brat, an economist and principled reformer, to represent us in Washington at this crucial time.

When we think of our nation’s capital, the words that often come to mind are: broken, dysfunctional, and corrupt. In fact a 2013 poll showed that only seven percent of Americans had a favorable view of Congress, and the overwhelming majority of our citizens believe our country is headed in the wrong direction.

After years of watching our leaders do nothing about a ballooning debt, crony capitalism, a jobs crisis, the crushing burdens of Obamacare, the erosion of our freedoms, and the power grab by the political elite, Americans are rightfully angry and have lost trust in leadership.

Dave Brat is committed to restoring our faith in our leadership.

A believer in term limits, Dave Brat is committed to the Constitution, conservative principles, and restoring the power to the American people.

Dave Brat will be a force in Congress to hold this administration accountable, to end Obamacare, and to oppose the big government agenda of this administration.

Dave Brat will be a true representative focused on you, your family, and this district. A committed conservative, he will stand up for principle over politics and will be the leader we need in Congress.

This November, vote for conservative leader Dave Brat, who will fight for you, reform Washington, and return government to the people.