Promoting Economic Growth

Dave Brat, Ph.D., is a free market economist who has dedicated his life to educating college students, business professionals, and civic and religious groups on economics and ethics. Dave wants to help create jobs and prosperity and knows that the free market system is the only proven way to stimulate innovation and economic growth.

Many in Washington, on the other hand, distort the free market by picking winners and losers and only allow big business and big donors a seat at the table.

Dave Brat thinks everyone in the Seventh district should have an equal voice and equal access in their representative government.

Every day, Dave Brat will fight to grow our economy, boost opportunities for hard working Americans, and stabilize the economic health of our nation so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy greater prosperity.

Dave Brat understands that such goals can never be achieved through the growth of government and increased spending.

Dave Brat understands that an economy cannot thrive with such a crushing national debt, and will oppose continuing to spend money we do not have.

Many young people are now beginning to understand the “inter generational” theft that is occurring. We charge up the tab, and they will pay the bill.

Dave Brat will work to address the biggest issues of our time.

The federal government has deficits without end, debt over $17 trillion and unfunded entitlement liabilities over $125 trillion.

Our debt rises, Obamacare remains the law of the land, businesses are still afraid to hire, and families are still struggling to make ends meet. Jobs are scarce and, if we continue on the same path, the future is bleak.

As our congressman, Dave Brat will work to end the reckless spending and fight every day to get rid of Obamacare. He will work to end the economic uncertainty and seek to restore confidence in our dollar, our marketplace, and our national credit.

Dave Brat is a free market conservative with the right background and experience to get our nation’s economy back on track.

Dave Brat offers conservatives in the Seventh District a clear choice this November. Send Dave Brat to Washington where he will restore your voice and work hard to provide the fiscal and regulatory restraint needed for a free people to thrive.