I’ve been on the front lines of the fight for desperately-needed reforms that will make your life better and create a better future for our children. As we’ve seen from the battle over Obamacare repeal, the Washington swamp is filled with crony special interests unwilling to release their vise-like grip on the status quo.

I will continue to fight for you, and you know that I won’t give up until we’ve succeeded; until we’ve repealed Obamacare, secured our borders, passed bold and sweeping tax reform that gets our economy growing again, and stopped running up a federal debt that future generations will never be able to repay.

Congress may be in recess, but I am still working every day: crunching numbers and planning for the budget battle ahead, working with my staff on legislation, and meeting and talking with constituents on Main Street from Nottoway to Spotsylvania and all points in between. I hope to see you soon as I make my way around the district.

I want to know what grade you would give me for my work in Congress to date. Would you please take just one minute out of your busy schedule to grade my performance? Even if you have graded me in the past, please update your score right now.

I’d also like to hear any additional comments that you have, and there is room for that on the survey form. Let me know your top priorities. Your feedback is vitally important and helps ensure that I am focused on the issues that matter most to you and your family.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of serving you in Congress.


Dave Brat

P.S. You know that you can count on me to vote in line with the principles outlined in the Virginia Republican Creed, and to keep my promises. Please —– take a moment to grade my time in Congress so far. Here is a list of some of the bills I’m working on, and votes I’ve taken since my last report card:

  • Introduced the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2017, a bipartisan bill that would reduce fraud and abuse in our work visa programs.
  • Voted to repeal and replace Obamacare with a bill that protects people with pre-existing conditions, brings down costs, and expands choices for families (the House bill has been blocked in the Senate). The House also passed multiple bills to control ballooning health care costs, including much-needed medical liability reform and legislation that makes it easier for small businesses to lower health care costs for their employees.
  • Voted to modernize our military equipment, enhance our military‚Äôs readiness, and provide a much-deserved pay raise to our troops as part of the annual national defense authorization.
  • Voted for the Financial CHOICE Act, to overhaul Dodd-Frank and end taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street.
  • Passed a budget out of the House Budget Committee which provides reconciliation instructions for tax reform, and which would reduce auto-pilot spending by $203 billion — the first step towards sweeping tax reform that will create jobs and spur wage growth.
  • Introduced a bill to open up the Outer Continental Shelf for oil exploration.
  • Introduced the WIC Improvement Act which would allow for multivitamin dietary supplements to be included in WIC packages for pregnant women, new mothers and their infants. This will lead to healthier moms and babies.
  • Introduced the PUPPERS Act, a bipartisan bill that would withhold funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs for the purpose of distressful or painful testing on puppies at VA medical facilities. My amendment passed unanimously in the House, and I hope to see it signed into law very soon.


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