When I went to Washington, I promised that I would stand firm on six mainstream American principles that can be found in the Virginia Republican Creed. Those principles are as follows:

1. Commitment to the Free Market system
2. Equal treatment for every person under the law
3. Fiscal Responsibility for all levels of government
4. Adherence to the Constitution, which came out of the Judeo-Christian tradition of God-given natural rights
5. Strong national defense to protect peace
6. Faith in God as recognized by our Founders, is essential to a strong moral fiber

These principles are behind every action I take. Because of your strong and unwavering support for these principles and for me, I am one of only a handful of people in Washington able to take a consistent stand for them.

Today I remain firmly committed to these principles, and to standing strong against a reckless Washington agenda that is bankrupting our government and saddling our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt they will not be able to repay.


Dave Brat