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"Keeping Promises"

Two years ago Dave Brat promised you that he would go to DC and work on issues that matter most to you and your family. He has kept that promise. Dave has put in bills to make Washington D.C. more accountable, and to reduce taxes and regulations so that our economy can grow again. In these challenging times, you can trust that Dave Brat will fight to keep our nation secure, restore fiscal responsibility and protect the God-given freedoms that make our country great. He respectfully asks for your vote on November 8th.



Martin Luther King Day: We share a Tradition that unites us

As a seminary student, I studied and was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s work. Dr. King proclaimed the ethics of freedom; he became a voice for …Read More

Congressman Dave Brat on Free Trade

Steven Brodie Tucker, writing at the The Bull Elephant, covers Dave Brat’s recent op-ed in the Washington Examiner “When Free Trade Isn’t Free”. Excerpt: I support the …Read More

WCVE Profile: Congressman Dave Brat

Dave Brat talks with WCVE’s Saraya Wintersmith about a range of topics: his first term taking a combination of ethics and economics to D.C.; how $100 trillion …Read More

Congressman Dave Brat’s Formula for Protecting Gun Rights

Conservative Review published an Op-Ed by Congressman Dave Brat (Virginia, 7th District) articulating five things the next Congress could do to preserve the 2nd Amendment Rights of …Read More

Conservative Congressmen Request a Freeze on Middle East Refugees

Congressman Dave Brat co-authored a letter with Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) urging leadership to include language in any government funding bill that would put a freeze on …Read More

Arboretum at McGuire VA dedicated to ‘fearless’ Phyllis Galanti

On National POW/MIA recognition day. Dave Brat attended the dedication of the Phyllis Galanti Arboretum, named for Galanti’s late wife, at McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in …Read More

Brat Chat: "Powhatan Perspectives"

Dave chats with Powhatan HS Coach Jim Woodson

Dave chats with Powhatan HS Coach Jim Woodson in the second of a series of chats with friends and neighbors and constituents on the issues that matter most to our region. Topics in their chat include Social Security, the budget, life on The Hill — and, of course, football.

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Kelsey and Kaylee at We the People event modeled after congressional hearings @ Glen Allen High
@DaveBratVA7th 2 days ago
President Trump!
@DaveBratVA7th 3 days ago
Let consumers control drug money via @usatoday
@DaveBratVA7th 6 days ago
I'll be talking with @SandyRiosTweet at 8:45 this morning so tune in to @AFRnet, in Richmond WRIH 88.1
@DaveBratVA7th 6 days ago
@DaveBratVA7th 7 days ago
Great to be here at #LobbyDay with this fantastic group dedicated to advocating for economic freedom @AFPVA
@DaveBratVA7th 7 days ago
Here at the VCDL Rally at Virginia Capitol for #LobbyDay
@DaveBratVA7th 7 days ago
Dr. King spoke the truth and he made it very clear what the truth was... #MLKday2017 #MLK
@DaveBratVA7th 1 week ago
#MLKDAY More unites us than divides us
@DaveBratVA7th 1 week ago
Repealing Obamacare will help preserve Medicare & Soc. Sec. for future generations
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
My bill to reform/expand HSAs will put consumers back in charge of their health care decisions
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
RT @jfradioshow: Rep. Dave Brat: We Have A Chance To Make This Right... Repeal & Replace ObamaCare: via @YouTube
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
Thanks for having me and for all the good work you are doing!
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
Tomorrow is big day, we need to make sure Terry Mcauliffe does not gain control of the State Senate! Vote Mark Peak…
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
RT @jfradioshow: On #JFRS @DaveBratVA7th says, "Democrats are good at messaging, not good at policy. We need to replace #Obamacare when we…
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
RT @jfradioshow: On #JFRS today regarding ACA @DaveBratVA7th says:"@mike_pence came in last week and told our Caucus to get a backbone and…
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
Stopping by Arby's in Spotsy on the way home from the first week of the 115th Congress!
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
Footage being shared from Ft. Lauderdale is horrifying. Sickening news. Prayers for the victims and their families.
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
At last month's Jerusalem Leaders Summit I gave keynote message on advancing economic freedom ...…
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
A great addition to the Trump White House. Congrats, Vince!
@DaveBratVA7th 2 weeks ago
RT @freedomcaucus: How To Repeal Obamacare: Repeal Obamacare
@DaveBratVA7th 3 weeks ago
RT @ChadPergram: #BREAKING Hse GOP yanks ethics watchdog change from rules pkg in GOP Conf. Will still vote on rest of rules of pkg later t…
@DaveBratVA7th 3 weeks ago
RT @iLeadersSummit: Leaders signing the #JerusalemDeclaration - affirming the rule of law, economic freedom and peace through strength: htt…
@DaveBratVA7th 3 weeks ago
Consumer confidence soared in December, dramatic turnaround from October's pre-election woes
@DaveBratVA7th 3 weeks ago
Happy New Year! We rang in the new year with dear friends #thankful
@DaveBratVA7th 3 weeks ago